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By TentorIV » about 1 year ago

Rebuilding from the ground up, LuneBox will finally return featuring new and improved servers, exclusive custom gamemodes and plugins, countless user activities, friend lists, global communication, lots of new builds, revamps to our current servers and so much more! Beginning solely as a Skyblock server, we will have evolved into a wider community-centred network actively bringing players updates, new features and many more fun and user-friendly activities to keep you playing for hours. Our reset in staff allows the chance for new, experienced staff members to support you within your time on the network, working constantly to ensure your experience is not one to forget! Speaking for the whole team, we hope to see new faces in the next release of LuneBox!

What can we expect in the new release?

Following the new release of LuneBox, you will find the following:
  • A custom gamemode named Raiders (prev. Hill Raiders). Find out more about that here.
  • Interactive lobby, music, gadgets and complete new construction.
  • A new staff team.
  • Revamped servers containing exclusive custom plugins.
  • Cross-server communication.
  • Simple support and report functions, all GUI based for ease of use.
  • A new, diverse management system.
  • Absence of 2 old servers, Vanilla and RPG, replaced by new ones, Creative and Prison.
  • General ease-of-use functions and facilities.
  • New perks and abilities across all servers.